Most health care spending goes to treatment of patients with chronic conditions.

That has led care providers to seek affordable alternatives to combat rising costs while maintaining quality care. Corporations and healthcare companies are requiring reliable vitals monitoring solutions that encourage patient accountability as well as strong privacy and security standards.



Connect your health devices to your health records

No app, phone, or device setup required

Stel's proprietary technology allows connecting with most FDA approved Bluetooth devices. The devices are associated with the relevant patient information prior to arrival, providing a smooth on-boarding upon receipt. Patients can simply use devices as they normally would and trust Stel to get the data to caretakers. Patients don't have to worry about using an app, smart phone, or signup flow to share their vitals with caretakers or health records.

Device pipeline flexibility

New devices can easily be added to Stel's HUB enabling flexibility with monitoring additional patient vitals. HUBs constantly send diagnostic information allowing Stel to replace HUBs at no additional costs when potential errors may arise.

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Our HUB offers the simplest, no-touch pairing and installation solution for remote vitals monitoring. Simply plug into any outlet and you're automatically connected.

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Better patient experiences, better outcomes


The benefit of remote vitals monitoring depends heavily on the level of patient adherence.¹ Adherence, however, has proven challenging for existing monitoring solutions.

Simplifying the patient experience is critical to the success and continued role of remote monitoring in healthcare. Removing complex steps like device installations and confusing smartphone apps ensures patients are left with only necessary tools to take an active, participatory role in their disease progression and management.²  

The closer patients are able to stick to their simple routines like stepping on a weight scale, the better they will fare.³ Caregivers can then monitor and engage with patient's vitals when necessary.


Higher quality care and satisfaction

Smart filtering and security

All of Stel's data is verified with multiple-pass data filtering to assure only complete and accurate data enters health records. Additional triggers notify anomalies to caregivers such as potential non-patient usage. Stel offers compliant storage along with secure and encrypted transmission practices to keep data protected.

Better care

Traditional care models no longer provide sufficient quality for patients with chronic conditions or at high-risk. Without a comprehensive and economically viable strategy, patients are faced with costly, avoidable hospitalizations. 

Remotely delivering insights to caregivers maximizes their capabilities. Employing a platform that provides complete and accurate data improves the patient experience by extending care beyond hospital walls. Doing so reduces the risk of hospitalization and intervention time, by identifying patients prior to conditions becoming more acute. 

An example of a health record displaying vitals information.

An example of a health record displaying vitals information.