How Our HUB Works

No need to download new software or mobile applications. No more Bluetooth to smartphone pairing. No need to manually note or share your data. We've removed unnecessary steps from the process in order to lower the barrier to collect and share vitals data. Building the simplest remote monitoring solution promotes patient adherence while expanding access to healthcare to those who need it most.

product render mock.png

1. Plug the hub into any outlet

Any standard wall outlet powers our HUB, enabling it to serve as a central hub for your vitals data. No buttons or taps required.

Contour glucose meter from Bayer

Contour glucose meter from Bayer

2. use your vitals device as normal

Upon first use, the HUB locates the vitals device which will begin securely sharing information like weight, blood pressure, or glucose. No pairing or extra process necessary.


3. That's it

Our HUB will safely and securely communicate vitals updates to health records and designated caregivers.


See our HUB in action

We believe in expanding the delivery of quality care, so we've built a simple, affordable, and secure solution for those who need it most. To see how the plug-and-play experience works, check out our demo video.