Remote Patient Monitoring


99% of hospital readmissions for Medicare patients 

are attributed to patients with multiple chronic medical conditions

Practices can now be reimbursed for using RPM to improve patient engagement and identify potential problems early, thereby lowering the overall cost of their patient population. New reimbursements (listed below) can reduce the burden for practices and systems to adopt RPM.

With 30-day readmission rates for patients with CHF over 20% and costs for heart failure readmissions surging to $13,000, RPM seems to be essential for managing care and costs for patients with chronic conditions.  


2019 Chronic Care RPM CPT Codes


Differences Between New 99457 and Established 99091 Reimbursement Codes

Screen Shot 2019-01-19 at 1.54.12 PM.png


Screen Shot 2019-01-19 at 1.54.40 PM.png

Instead of limiting qualifying time spent on patients to physicians and QHCPs, clinical staff is now included.

Billing Cycle

Screen Shot 2019-01-19 at 1.55.02 PM.png

Physicians can bill for 99457 and 99454 per calendar month rather than every 30 days.

Time Spent

From the previous 30 minutes, now only 20 minutes of recorded time spent is required.


Established Reimbursement Codes