TOWER, Introduction of RPM to the Patient

Description of remote patient monitoring?

Your doctor has recommended that you be enrolled in the Remote Patient Monitoring program.

The Goal of the Remote Patient Monitoring is to prevent you from having multiple readmissions.

  • Allows your care team to see your vital signs immediately from your home which saves you from going to the doctor

  • Guides your care team to relieve your symptoms quickly

  • Helps make better care choices for your condition

  • Provides you direct access to Care Navigator Nurses

The Goal is to Help your care team detect any signs that your symptoms are worsening

  • When you got home you will have a visit from Paramedics to assist you in setting up your new equipment

  • They will get you started, take your initial measurements, and validate your first set of vitals signs with the Care Navigator Nurses

Equipment that you will RECEIVE

  • HUB (Stel plug in device), Scale, Pressure Cuff, and easy guide

Kit with Transparent Background.png
vitals devices and blue hub(1).png

Patient Selection

Inclusion Criteria (as of 2.21.19):

  • Berkshire Heights

  • Berks

  • Gateway

Exclusion Criteria:

  • On hospice care

  • History of Substance Abuse

  • Uncontrolled mental health issues

  • Inconsistent housing

Other consideration: patient must be able to stand and stabilize on the scale

What is the cost for the patient

  • Depending on your insurance there may be a copay that you will be responsible for- a financial counselor can assist you to better understand your out of pocket cost

Documentation for the patient

  • Signed consent is left at the nursing desk in the bin for HIM scanning and uploaded into the patient's EHR